The Chocolate Explorers

We are Luc and Per, the men behind The Chocolate Explorers. We produce, from bean to bar, our own brand Mesjokke but more important a fast increasing range of private label chocolates.

We are passionate about the flavours of and the stories behind cacao. That is why we make fair and delicious chocolatebars. For this cacao, we use the principles of Direct Trade. We always want to know where the cacao comes from, how it has been treated, who was responsible for the cultivation and how much he/she earns for the beans.In our factory in Utrecht we process the raw cacao into chocolate, in which we keep every step of the production cycle – from roasting until wrapping – in our own hands. In this way, you will get a bean-to-bar chocolate with an unprecedented taste.

Looking for a private label chocolate? Like to create your own bar all the way from the bean? Interested in what we can do for you? Take a look on our website and contact us!