Mesjokke chocolate

We get our cocoa through ‘Direct Trade’, which means that our beans are bought directly from the cocoa farmers. These farmers get a fair price and we know exactly where our beans come from, how they’ve been treated, who picked them and that they are of outstanding quality. Furthermore, we only work with ‘specialty cocoa’: extraordinary varieties that give the deepest and most stimulating flavours to our bars. In our small factory in Utrecht, we process the raw beans to a bar. Every step of the production process – from roasting until packing – is done by our own team.
BAM! A bean-to-bar chocolate with a cocoa experience that makes you go wild.

NEW: The Mesjokke Online Shop
Longing for our chocolate but couldn’t find a shop selling our chocolate? Are you looking for a nice gift (for yourself)? Or do you want a Mesjokke discount package delivered to your doorsteps? Then check our Mesjokke Online Shop! Besides all our chocolatebars, you can also find nice Mesjokke packages with discount ánd our Mesjokke Date/Chocolate Spread. And yes, that is Totally Mesjokke…

Honestly Pure Mesjokke Package
Three Mesjokke bars in one package. Three times dark, three times 72% cacao, three times single origin; but made with cacao from three different origins. Taste the terroir of the cacao and join us on our expedition through the world of specialty cacao. Now with more than 20% discount!


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Monday Mesjokke Tunes -The Playlist-
Have you been listening to our Mesjokke Monday Tunes for quite some time now? Or have you just started to follow us? No matter what the answer is, you can now find all the Monday Tunes on this Spotify playlist. So that you can you start your monday even better…